Comtran Announces X-Link Nuclear Communications Cables

Comtran has developed a line of communications cables suitable for nuclear power facilities. Commercially available off-the-shelf products typically will not provide a long-term solution for data communications, security, and environmental monitoring systems. A physically and electrically robust cable, our X-Link™ nuclear communications cables will guarantee the specified category data transmission and will stand up to harsh installation methods and environments. Few others can match these cables’ ability to resist temperature extremes and meet high transmission rates.

-Data communication
-Security systems
-Environmental monitoring
-Supervisory control and data acquisition
-Low voltage control and instrumentation circuits

-Longer life cable plant
-Higher resistance to physical damage
-Guaranteed electrical performance
-Resistance to EMI/RFI
-High temperature resistance due to thermoset insulation

Available Constructions:
-Category 3 – 4 Pair through 400 Pair (Available upon request)
-Category 5e Shielded and Unshielded
-Category 6 Shielded and Unshielded

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