Comtran has developed a Category 6 28 AWG Patch Cable

Less is more with Comtran’s Category 6 28 AWG Patch Cable!

Comtran cable has developed a Category 6 28 AWG patch cable that exceeds all ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6 standards for NEXT and RL. Compared to our standard Cat 6 patch cable, Cat 6 28 AWG is nearly half the size with a reduced diameter of .145″. This size reduction allows twice the amount of space for more cables to be routed through pathways. With more space in the pathway, there is increased airflow and cooling. The cable features an attenuation de-rating factor of 1.9. Its tight bend radius simplifies installation in high volume areas while the cable’s smaller size provides improved flexibility which eases overall cable management. All of these advantages benefit the end user with the potential for reduced operational costs. To learn more about this product, please contact us!

Less size, less crowding, and less hassle = More money in your pocket!


Cat 6 28 AWG Patch Comparison 3

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