Comtran’s HUB-Link® cables are ideal for rail transit applications because their extensive testing and certification process means better, more reliable communications onsite and in the field. All HUB-Link cables are in conformance with NFPA 130 for fixed guideway transit systems and NFPA 502 for road tunnels, bridges, and other limited access highways.

These standards call out the following:

  • FT-4/IEEE 1202 Flame Test Conformance
  • Low Smoke Insulation Systems
  • UL or NRTL Listing per NFPA 70

With a commitment to creating quality products that fall within compliance, every new HUB-Link® product has the same ability to withstand temperature extremes, moisture, salt air, fluids, rodent damage, and sunlight, while meeting strict specifications for flame propagation, smoke density, and toxicity in the event of a fire.