Comtran Introduces Category 6 UTP LSZH Small Profile Data Cable

In response to multiple requests by our customers, Comtran Cable has developed a Category 6 UTP LSZH cable that boasts the smallest diameter on the market. It features a diameter of 0.220″/ 5.6mm, which allows the highest number of cables to be installed in a given size conduit, penetration, or other pathway, while maintaining NFPA maximum conduit fill requirements. Installers and end users will appreciate the reduced size when compared to typical Cat 6 LSZH cables in this class that are 20% larger.

For example, a total of eight Comtran Cat 6 LSZH cables can be routed through 1 inch conduit while maintaining 40% maximum fill ratio. Other comparable cables would only allow a maximum of five cables per 1″ conduit. The space and cost savings is tremendous when compared to other cables in this class.

Developed specifically for underground transit infrastructure and in compliance with NFPA 130, this Cat 6 LSZH cable is the perfect solution where space is limited and health and safety are a top priority.


  • Conductors: 23 AWG Solid Bare Copper per ASTM B-3
  • Insulation: Polyethylene
  • Pair Assembly: Color Coded Conductors Twisted to Varying Lays
  • Cable Assembly: 4 Pairs Cabled With a Tape Separator
  • Jacket: Black LSZH
  • Nominal OD = .220″
  • Ripcord: Ripcord Provided Under Jacket


  • NFPA 130
  • ETL Verified ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Cat 6
  • UL Subject 444 Communications Cables
  • IEC 60332-1
  • IEC 60332-2
  • IEC 60754-1
  • IEC 60754-2
  • IEC 61034-2
  • NEC Article 800
  • ICEA S-90-661
  • California State Fire Marshal
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Voltage Rating 300
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