PRESS RELEASE: New UL 2196 Listing Raises the Bar for CIC Cable

Check Your Specs – New UL 2196 Listing Raises the Bar for CIC Cable

Attleboro, MA – In 2012, UL pulled all 2196 listings for fire resistive telecommunications cable. This was due to concerns about the effect of zinc in conduit coatings on the cable’s reliability at fire rated temperatures. CIC (Circuit Integrity in Conduit) cable is critical for safety – allowing communication and evacuation systems to operate until occupants are evacuated to designated areas away from a fire.

The new spec requires that CIC cable survives two hours in a burning infrastructure without loss of signal. It must pass five full 2-Hour Burn tests. Comtran’s engineers worked on an accelerated timeline to meet UL’s requirements. They re-designed VITALink® cables by developing a patented primary insulation that ceramifies at extreme temperatures, thereby protecting the integrity of the circuit.

The 14 AWG cable passed a record seven 2-Hour Burn tests.  It was re-certified in 2014, followed by the 16 AWG product in 2015, making Comtran one of the first companies in North America to re-certify fire resistive shielded cable products.

Since re-launching VITALink® CIC cables, Comtran had been actively communicating within the industry. “It’s vital that contractors, engineers, and architects are using the latest UL 2196 spec for new building projects,” says Bruce Sinnott, Comtran’s Director of Business Development. “We don’t want to risk a materials error due to outdated specs.”

VITALink® CIC cable is used to support critical systems such as firefighter’s communications, evacuation public address systems signage, emergency telephones, and pressurization controls. Common applications include high-rise commercial and residential buildings, health care facilities, industrial infrastructure, schools and universities, airports, stadiums, and underground rail and road transit infrastructure.

For more information about fire resistive cables, including hardware certifications or performance standards, please contact Bruce Sinnott, Director of Business Development at

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