Fire Resistive Circuit Integrity Cable

VITALink® Leads Industry with Armored & Ethernet Circuit Integrity Cable!

Watch the VITALink® cable end its 2 hour burn test by getting doused with water to cool rapidly.

After years of innovation, Comtran has achieved new industry standards for VITALink® circuit integrity cable. With the latest round of UL approvals and new products available, VITALink® now offers the industry’s most complete line of circuit integrity cable. In addition to the dual rated CI/CIC cables, VITALink® now includes the industry’s only armored and ethernet cables approved to UL 2196. They have passed rigorous UL fire resistive testing  – maintaining a constant signal connection for two hours at 1850°F. VITALink® is available in the US and Canada.

VITALink® Armored Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for low voltage critical circuits in enclosed spaces or areas that are exposed to hazardous materials and harsh conditions
  • No conduit required – ideal for commercial retrofits with non-UL 2196 approved conduit
  • Cost savings due to fewer materials and less labor needed during installation

VITALink® Ethernet Features & Benefits:

  • Meets Category 3 channel requirements and supports all 10 Mbps critical data circuits
  • Only UL 2196 listed ethernet cable for 2 hour fire resistive circuits
  • Approved for use in both EMT and IMC conduit
  • Unique solution for NFPA Level 2 or 3 requirements
Watch the VITALink® video to learn more about the product and its applications

All VITALink® cable is designed to last 2 hours in a burning infrastructure and remain operational to ensure building occupants can evacuate safely.

The cables support critical life safety applications in hospitals, high-rise buildings, airports, stadiums, etc. They are vital in locations where evacuation times are beyond the capabilities of standard fire alarm cable or when partial evacuation is required. In addition to VITALink®, Comtran, as part of Marmon Electrical, offers many other cabling solutions for circuit integrity, including Type MC/RC90 cables. Learn more and contact the sales team here.

Please click here to view our VITALink® 2 Hour Fire Resistive Brochure. If you have any questions, please refer to our VITALink FAQs.