Fire Resistive Circuit Integrity Cable

VITALink® Leads Industry with the Most Comprehensive Circuit Integrity Solutions

When critical infrastructures need dependable, 2-hour fire rated circuit integrity cables, VITALink® products are trusted to support critical network components, helping to ensure building occupants can evacuate a fire safely. The VITALink® brand is the only product line to offer solutions for critical communications, IP, RF, control, and power circuits. All VITALink® cables are listed to UL 2196, passing rigorous testing that requires maintaining a constant signal connection for two hours at temperatures up to 1850ºF. They are designed to support life safety applications in hospitals, high-rise buildings, airports, stadiums, transit systems, or other locations where evacuation times are beyond the capabilities of standard fire alarm cables or when partial evacuation is required.

VITALink® Dual Rated CI/CIC

Rated as both Circuit Integrity (CI) and Circuit Integrity in Conduit (CIC), VITALink® CI/CIC 300V cables can be installed either with or without conduit, depending on the application and code requirements. As CI, also referred to as CI Free Air, VITALink® can be used in riser or horizontal (non-plenum) installations without conduit. The cable must be installed per the NEC code and meet all national and local code requirements.

As CIC, VITALink® cable must be installed as the UL listed FHIT System 40A or FHIT7 System 40A and in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. These systems require use of specific hardware including conduit, couplings, pulling lubricant, pull boxes, and supports. In areas such as plenum airspace, VITALink® must be installed in conduit. These cables are suitable for use in emergency voice alarm communications, area of refuge devices, fireman’s telephone systems, and more.

VITALink® Ethernet

VITALink® Ethernet 300V circuit integrity cables feature a patent-pending design and are available in a variety of shielded and unshielded constructions. The cables are capable of transmitting signals at speeds of at least 10 Mbps, ensuring emergency voice applications, such as VoIP communications or IP area of refuge systems, remain operating for 2 hours in the event of a fire. Installation follows UL FHIT/FHIT7 System 40A.

VITALink® Coax

VITALink® Coax 300V circuit integrity cables are rated for 50 Ohms and are ideal for Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). These cables feature a CCW armor, which eliminates the need for conduit, reducing installation time and labor costs. They are installed per UL FHIT/FHIT7 System 40C.

VITALink® Armored

VITALink® Armored 300V circuit integrity cables support emergency communications circuits in harsh environments or enclosed locations. They have an impervious armor that offers enhanced mechanical protection and crush-resistance, while preventing moisture, gas, and other harmful fluids from entering the cable and disrupting critical signals. These cables are installed per UL FHIT/FHIT7 System 40B.

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In addition to the solutions listed above, Comtran, as part of Marmon Electrical, offers other cabling solutions for circuit integrity, including Type MC/RC90 cables. Learn more and contact the sales team here.

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