HUB-Link® Transit Communications NYCT Approved


  • Outside Plant Transit, Subways and Tunnels
  • Various Mass Transportation Facilities
  • Voice and Data Telephone Circuits
  • Installed in Pathways and Termination Closets

Performance Standards and Approvals

  • UL Listed Type CMR-LS
  • UL 444
  • NFPA 130
  • CSA C22.2 No. 218-08
  • IEEE 1202/FT-4
  • Approved Limited Smoke Rating
  • UL 1685


  • Conductor: #22 AWG Solid Bare Copper (other AWG sizes available as well)
  • 12 Pair thru 200 Pair (based on TC-7 designs)
  • Cabled Core Wrapped with Water-Swellable Tapes


  • Proprietary Modified Polyolefin LSZH
  • Color-Coded Conductors Twisted to Varying Lays

Inner Jacket

  • Low-Smoke, Low-Toxicity, Non-Halogen
    Proprietary Modified Polyolefin


  • 5-Mil. Copper Shield over Inner Jacket with an overall tape wrap

Outer Jacket

  • Low-Smoke, Low-Toxicity, Non-Halogen Proprietary Modified Polyolefin

36071, 36053, 36054, 36055, 36040, 36056, 36067

HUB-Link®, Transit Communications approved for New York City Transit Authority (NYCT) Product Class 20 Group 72
SpecPart NumberNo. of PairsAWGNYCT Stock NumberMaximum Overall Diameter (Inches)Nominal Weight (lbs./1000 ft.)
Contact us for spec36055752220-72-09261.20"595






HUB-Link®, Transit Communications cables are designed to support the New York City Transit Authority (NYCT). These telecommunications cables are used in various telephone circuits and general communications services throughout the outside plant transit system. These cables are multiple-twisted- pair cables with solid copper conductors insulated with solid polyolefin surrounded by water-swellable tapes, low-smoke, low-toxicity, non-halogen inner and outer jacket with a 5-mil copper shield. These cables are also used in various outside and tunnel applications, placed in conduits, closets, and other enclosures.

Underwriters Laboratories: C(UL)US Type CMR-LS, CMG-LS, and CM-LS These products have undergone extensive physical testing per UL 444 (Communications Cables) and burn testing per UL1666 (test for flame propa- gation height of electrical cables installed vertically in shafts). They have also successfully passed the Limited Smoke testing to FT4/IEEE 1202 to carry the additional “LS” marking which is above and beyond NYCT TC-7 requirements.

Additional Physical/Smoke/Toxicity Testing (TC-7): These products have been subjected to Fluid Immersion (Lubricating and Hydraulic Oil, Gas, and Water), Tear Resistance, Smoke Generation (Flaming/Non-Flaming), Smoke and Toxicity Index, Acid Gas, Halogen Content, Horizontal Abrasion, Light Absorption (UV), Environmental Stress Crack Resistance, Cold/Hot Bend, Cable Impact, Water Absorption, Jacket Shrink-back, and Heat Distortion.

Electrical Testing per ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 (Category 3): Conductor Tolerances, DC Resistance, Attenuation, Impedance, Capacitance, Mutual Capacitance, Capacitance Unbalance (pair to pair), Capacitance Unbalance (pair to ground), Crosstalk, Insulation Resistance, Conductor-to-Conductor Proof Test, Core-to- Shield DC Proof, Shield Resistance, and Continuity.

Comtran also offers many other product types per the NYCT TC-7. They include:

  • Twisted-Pair Telephone Wire (cross-connect)
  • Multiple-Conductor, Foil-Shielded Cable
  • T1/DS1 Interconnect Cable
  • Data Grade Cables
  • Communication Cable
  • Power Supervisory Communication Cable
  • Multiple-Pair, Individually Shielded Cable
  • Multiple-Pair Inside Telephone Cable
    (Riser and Plenum)
  • Inside-Outside Station Wire
  • Alarm Cables for Fire Detection/Alarm
  • High-Temperature Fan Control Cables