Industrial Continuously Welded/Corrugated Datacom and Telecommunications

Industrial Continuously Welded and Corrugated Datacom and TelecommunicationsDiagram of Industrial Continuously Welded and Corrugated Datacom and Telecommunications


  • Design-Dependent


  • Various Thermoplastic, Polyolefin, and Fluoropolymer


  • Rugged Continuous Corrugated and Welded Aluminum or Copper Armor

Overall Jacket:

  • Thermoplastic and Fluoropolymer Industrial Jackets


  • Gigabit Transmissions (Category 6, 5e, and 3)
  • High Speed Voice/Data Applications
  • Broadband Video
  • Cameras
  • Sound
  • Security
  • Electronic

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Industrial Continuously Welded and Corrugated telecommunication, sound, security, and electronic cables are designed for various applications and are suitable for harsh and industrial environments.


  • Welded armor forms an impervious barrier
  • Self-contained conduit and wiring system
  • Superior mechanical isolation
  • Cable protection throughout
  • Offers cut through protection
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Armor is impact and crush resistant
  • Oil and moisture resistant
  • Cold temperatures

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