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Comtran’s HUB-Link® cables are ideal for rail transit applications because their extensive testing and certification process means better, more reliable communications onsite and in the field. All HUB-Link® cables are in conformance with NFPA 130 for fixed guideway transit systems and NFPA 502 for road tunnels, bridges, and other limited access highways.

These standards call out the following:

  • FT-4/IEEE 1202 Flame Test Conformance
  • Low Smoke Insulation Systems
  • UL or NRTL Listing per NFPA 70

Comtran’s HUB-Link® cables have undergone extensive testing to meet and exceed UL requirements for low smoke, low toxicity, zero halogen, and resistance to water, sunlight, and fluids. What does this mean for you and your customers?

  • Low smoke: In a fire, people can see their way out
  • Low toxicity: In a fire, people are not overcome by toxic fumes
  • Halogen-free: In a fire, there are no acid gas emissions which can damage equipment/buildings
  • Flame retardancy: Helps prevent a fire or limits the damage if one starts and keeps critical communication circuits protected longer

Our cabling systems are designed specifically for your application and provide safe, reliable, and robust products ideal for your many transit infrastructure and tunnel cable systems, such as:

  • Instrumentation
  • Telephone
  • Low voltage data communications, PoE, and Point of Sale applications
  • Security and intrusion detection applications
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Fire monitoring devices
  • Emergency ventilation systems

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