Interested in learning about fire resistant wiring systems in international markets? What are the testing requirements and standards and how do VITALink® products fit in? Read the synopsis of our white paper below and submit the form to download.


Many life safety, fire-fighting and critical emergency systems depend on the unfailing reliability of electric cables during a fire. Should these essential cable systems fail because of the fire, the critical equipment they supply power to also fails, leaving occupants, emergency responders, and property at risk.

Investigation into recent major disasters have brought building codes, standards and the responsibility matrix between, owners, designers, inspectors, contractors and regulatory authorities into sharp focus. A fragmented ‘piecemeal’ or product only approach to compliance testing, rather than a more holistic overall testing of full system performance, can lead to failures with subsequent responsibility falling between the cracks leaving any question of liability difficult to define.

Building codes often include a requirement that: ‘A building must have elements, which will, to the degree necessary, avoid the spread of fire so that emergency equipment provided in a building will continue to operate for a period of time necessary to ensure that the intended function of the equipment is maintained during a fire’. Can test standards and methodologies adopted and used in many countries around the world for fire-resistant cables satisfy this fundamental requirement? This white paper will explore that and tell you about a ‘fit for purpose’ fire resistant wiring system, VITALink®.

For more information about the different international fire test methods, download the comparison chart here. 

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